FNPT-I IFR Trainer

Manufacturing of flight and navigation procedure trainer, class / type of aircraft (single-engine piston land aircraft) on the instrument flight rules (FNPT I/ SEPA/IFR).

 (International Aviation Training Centre, Kiyv)

Scope of work:

  1. Development and manufacturing of additional quick release consoles and panels of the navigational equipment imitators, as well as landing gear control system, anti-icing system, alarm indicator. The design provides for the installation of the panels in the cockpit of the Ha-32 “Snipe” aircraft simulator, and their rapid dismantling in case of a flight by VFR.
  2. Software development to imitate navigation and flight instruments on a monitor installed on theinstrumental panel.
  3. Development and manufacturing an additional section of the remote introduction of failures of navigation equipment and other systems;software revision.
  4. Development and manufacturing of the aerodynamic loads simulation system on the control stick and pedals plane.
  5. Development software for the analysis of the flight (maneuvering, engine and systems) and output graphs / tables for comparison with similar flight test data reports.