Network radiorelay station

Network radio relay station (NRRS) – a unified telecommunications platform that provides effective integration of network resources into one information-communication space.

NRRS intended for organizing core data network of Ethernet-based communication and computer equipment placed on the control areas, communication centers and other objects.

         NRRS provides:

  • IEEE 802.3 protocol;
  • network switch level 2 functions;
  • cabling interfaces:
    – Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX
    (twisted pair cat. 6 or 7.);
    – Ethernet 10/100 Base-FX
    (multimode fiber);
    – Ethernet 10/100 Base-FX WDM
    (single-mode fiber);
    – Ethernet via DSL
    (field cable P-276 or P-296)

Variants of implementation

Mobile installation

Stationary installation