Flight simulator experience

When building our Flight simulators, we used cabins and components of real aircraft. Our simulators are equipped with advanced software that allows you to simulate flying as close to reality as possible.

If you’ve never kept the steering wheel in your hands, it will be an interesting experience that is now available to everyone.

If you need to improve your flying skills to become a pilot, the flight simulator will become your additional theoretical and practical training experience.

If you are a professional pilot, then you have a unique opportunity to try out pilotingdifferent types of aircraft, which will expand your professional horizons.

If you suffer aerophobia, workout on our simulator with an experienced instructor and professional psychologist will be the first step towards solving this problem.


*The reviews are take from our partner’s BODO company site and translated from Russian.

Loved the feeling of flight. Credibility of the flight. Special thanks for the training of trainers Eugene. Understandably training and timely corrections and tips. Before that, I never few even on flight simulators. I will sure recommend to friends and I’ll go again myself. There was a desire to do air sports. Thank you very much. All at a height in all senses.
BODO Thank you for the perfectly organized leisure. I recommend this option not only to who are in love with the sky and flying, but also to those who simply want to feel the joy of flying and a lot of positive emotions. This type of simulator is in my opinion the most appropriate to experience what the simulator is, and at the same time to catch the incident within the time allotted. It is a simple, with a minimum of equipment, and easy to learn a little “airplane” which obeys the wonderful handle. I would especially recommend it for those who want to experience what piloting is. I think the MIG is for those who love to shoot, the Tu-134 – for civil aviation fans who want to immerse themselves in a large panel of devices and machines, and the Su-26 is for those who want to enjoy all the delights of air performance figure. Personally I myself have long been “flying” on a PC, and I thought the simulator would be something very similar. It turned out to be something completely different, new and unique range of sensations. The sea of positive emotions! (But I would not advise this option for people with weak vestibular system, stomach, suffering from migraines and dizziness during the “flight” (due to the specificity of the simulator), which can very clearly make themselves felt and spoil the experience).
Sergey, https://www.facebook.com/friend.mimik
Most of all and most importantly, I enjoyed being close to a real flight. The simulator gives a wonderful feeling of control of the aircraft. In the first few minutes, I even felt dizzy, but it passes quickly. It is so fascinating that you completely concentrate on performing various maneuvers. The instructor gives the opportunity to perform a variety of figures such as a barrel, battle turn, spin, et, and if it does not work the first time (I crashed while performing a corkscrew), you can still try to perform this piece. The second spin was performed perfectly and such things give a very pleasant experience. Surprising was the fact that anyone can feel like a pilot. Just the fun of flying has become much more than expected. I picked this impression because once wanted to be a pilot, but he did not. The impression of the hour flight was so positive and strong that did not leave me all day. I must mention a very skilled and polite job instructor Eugene, which is also very conducive to a positive emotion. My attitude to the present impression is positive. I do not think he would get such a wonderful trainer if I had not been presented a certificate for my birthday. Now I have learned something new and I think to try to get to the airport for the purpose of seagull flying on this sport plane. You have expanded our horizons. Thank you.
It is the first time that I have been in the aircraft cockpit. I even felt – for a moment – like a real pilot. Taking off and landing, own, levelling the heading azimuth –it is all quite fascinating. Of course, showing correct performance of figures in flight is difficult. There are so many buttons and sensors! However, basic controls is realistic to learn even the first time.
Oleg, Su-26 Flight Stimulator
For those who have a child dream of becoming a pilot it impressed very much! It was a birthday present for our 10-year old son, but dad seems to have had much more impressions. I recommend to all romantics and lovers of machines!
Dmitry, Tu-134 Flight Stimulator
Everything was wonderful. I got really unforgettable experience. Sergey (the instructor) is a true professional in hisr field and a very nice person. Gave me a lot of interesting and useful information. Thank you for the impression …
Orest, Tu-134 Flight Simulator
I loved the experience. I recommend it all who is not indifferent to aviation. Before the flight you will get a brief and easy instructions. Thanks for positive emotions.
Pavel, The Yu-134 Flight Simulator