The Тu-134А flight simulator

The Тu-134А flight simulator is located at:

1 Kosmonavt Komarov Prospekt, National Aviation University

Building 11 (The Institute of Information Diagnostic Systems), Training Hangar

Как пройти к Тренажеру самолета Ту-134А по территории НАУ

By public transport ride from:

Shulyavska Metro station — by trolleybus No. 27, Olimpiyska  Metro station — by bus No. 69, until Vulitsa Garmatna stop.


If you use a private car, it is best to park on Borshchahivska street near the AN-26 aircraft, go to the university through the grey gate on the right to the plane, then turn on the left and go through the park until Building 11, enter through the main entrance, go to the right and 20 metres along the corridor. You will see the white doors opposite the stairs/ This is  the entrance to the Training Hangar. Intercom call is on the left of the door.

Как пройти к Тренажеру самолета Ту-134А карта