TU-134A Aircraft Simulator

Manufacturing of the Tupolev Tu-134A passenger airplane simulator based on the real aircraft cockpit. (National aviation university, Kiyv)

Scope of work:

  1. Dismantling of the aircraft wiring and unclaimed blocks, restoration of mechanical functionality and appearance of controls, instrument panels, interior trim cab, development of the wheel steering system.
  2. Development and manufacturing of cockpit instrumentation,contntrol units and blocks, its fabrication and installation in the cockpit.
  3. Software development for:

– simulation the operation of the aircraft

– Simulation of acoustic noise

– Remote control of the simulator, flight parameters, input failure (Instructor)

– simulation of the GPWS and GPS systems.

  1. Manufacturing and installation of visual display system. Setup of projection equipment in conjunction with software MSFS 9/10, X-Plane-10 and software for simulation of the aircraft’s systems.
  2. Development, manufacturing and installation of acoustic noise simulator.
  3. Development of flight simulator’s training program.